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A young family, dynamic and enthusiast within the endorsement of the wine making tradition conveyed to Andrea by grandfather Clemente.

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How do we do it

With Love and respect. Love for a job reminding history, tradition, art, for the fatigue and the upturned nose to check out the clouds, checking because we are partially dreamers and we let our fantasies go, picturing perfect harvests with perfectly made wines and we’re meteorologists checking their movements to pretend to forecast what mother nature has in storage for us.
Respect, because a bottle on the table departs from far away, it has a life to tell, the grapes travel from the soil to processing, where the various phases, need an expert hand, firm but delicate at the same time. Separating the juice of the clusters from their skins close to the end of the processing of transformation requires time and shrewdness, the only way available to brand then products with ‘IoMazzucato’.
(Me Mazzuccato). We are integral part of a process we are proud of, for what we can bring on your tables, a bottle of ‘IoMazzuccato’ containing all the love and respect for our land and for what it’s rewarding us with.


Jan 18, 2021

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Oct 12, 2020

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