The excellences of the Breganze Designation of Origin are many, playing for the favor of the public and the experts alike, but one only wine can be bearing the appellation of ‘nectar’. The ‘Torcolato’. This ‘passito’, elaborated by 100% of the autochthonous Vine ‘Vespaiola’, representing the high lineage of the winemaking tradition, unifying under a unique brand the hillside areas between Bassano del Grappa to Thiene. The alluvial ‘lean’ and volcanic nature of these soils reward the grapes a peculiar level of acidity. Contributing to make unique this meditation wine with a gentle sweetness, not sickly, with intense notes of honey and vanilla and a final bitter ending. Another feature of ‘Torcolato’ is the golden clear color with reflexes of amber.

The ‘Torcolato’ is the privileged ambassador of the Breganze Designation of Origin in Italy and around the World, all testified by the acknowledgements obtained at International level. Likewise, the name ‘Vespaiola’ coming from the liking of the Wasps (Vespe in Italian) for the sugar content of the clusters. Even the name of this ‘Passito’ deriving from them is not born by the chance. ‘Torcolato’ comes from ‘Intorcolà’ (a dialect version for ‘braided’). Tradition explains, in fact, the best clusters of ‘Vespaiola’ are literally braided together and tied in while hanging in perpendicular from wooden beams in dry rooms. A withering antique technique, at the end of which, in January, the dry out clusters are pressed. A low temperature fermentation then follows, to achieve an alcoholic level of 13,5% by vol. The aging in stainless steel bins and wooden ‘barriques’ enriches the wine of its unmistakable scents of taste and flavor.

This is how for centuries ‘Torcolato’ has been elaborated, there was a time it was only for the nobles, even if the farming families of the area would always save a bottle, because it was considered as an outstanding invigorating agent, with curative powers for the body and the spirit. ‘Torcolato’ pairs beautifully with sweets like ‘La Fregolotta’ (a traditional short crust crumble cake), with biscuits, but it rewards the best pairing with blue cheeses. The Ideal service temperature between12 and 14°C.

For the last 25 years Breganze sets up in its honor ‘La Prima del Torcolato’ a great appealing event celebrating for a public audience the first pressing of its withered grapes. Custodian of its fame is the ‘Magnifica Fraglia del Torcolato’, (the ‘fraglia’ is a name from the old Veneto tradition for an association for the protection of certain arts, a brotherhood). For such ‘golden nectar’ even a road map route has been entitled: ’La Strada del Torcolato e dei Vini di Breganze’,(the Road of Torcolato and the Breganze Wines) an oenological route displaying between the valleys of the river beds of Astico and Brenta, inside the area of the Breganze Designation of Origin.


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