The character of a wine is always expression of the land where it is trained. In Breganze the similarities between the wine making and the landscape are even more striking, the vines are exposed on the harmonious and generous hills, where the natural views of ancient villages are fascinating and conquering at the same time. History and nature, an inebriant mix made of colors and atmosphere, of scents and tastes.
Just close your eyes to taste back this sensorial palette of colors blended in the precious ‘bubbles’ today representing a source of pride of the Breganze Designation of Origin.
The autochthonous varieties of the territory, the Vespaiola above all, have supplied the DNA to a production of low sparkling and sparkling wines in the last decades have achieved, shearing out for itself, with giant steps in the overall Italian Winemaking landscape, a privileged status for the originality and the finesse of its proposals. The peculiar balance between the level of acidity and the sugar content of the grapes in this territory has shown itself as a winning hand for a variety of sparkling wines, versatile and elegant, produced both ways with the Charmat and/or the Classical Methods.
The sparkling Breganze bubbles can be paired casually to more varied meal courses: from quality finger foods to seafood, with the ‘Sopressa’ (so dear in this area) to Sushi. In clear symbiosis with desserts. All because of their ‘bouquet’ rich of scents and floral notes, with aromas sometimes soft and easygoing and otherwise fresh and redundant.
In all this, nothing is left to improvisation. If the municipalities part of the area of the Designation of Origin Breganze have proved to be ‘valuable ‘Terroirs’ for Sparkling wines it has been before all a will of Nature itself. Vines like the Breganze Pinot Noir, the Breganze Merlot, The Breganze Marzemino and the Breganze Vespaiolo have found in this geographic area the physical conditions of the soils and the more suitable microclimate for celebrating their peculiarities. All the rest is supported by masterly winemaking, a rooted centennial culture and a remarkable attitude towards the most modern production techniques.

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