Red Wines


If the Vespaiolo is the historical founder of the ‘Breganzese’ winemaking experience, to the red wines goes the merit for having introduced new horizons to the oenological offer from the Breganze Designation of Origin.

Our journey starts way back in the time. The first written evidence refering to the Breganze vineyards dates back to 1259. After the death of Ezzelino, the Third, the Oppressor. One certainly could not speak of a winemaking economy, but in that document without any doubt the vocation for good winemaking of this hillside band territory of the Vicenza province can be traced. Breganze and the neighboring territories, homogeneous by orography, climate and the soil composition, have tied more and more their name and fate of this land to the production of wine, as it’s been sacred in the ‘Roccolo Ditirambo’ work by Aureliano Acanti dated 1754.

Within the court of its majesty ‘the Vespaiolo’ more diversified and precious vines and wine types are newly trained, at the beginning because of the aptitude of the Noble Families from Veneto choosing Breganze as their domicile, facing the plains of the Vicenza province and later on thanks to an ‘agrarian bourgeoisie’ sharply determinate to impose their wines on the markets. As it often happens, the turning point to accelerate was an undesirable event on the market, a fungus epidemic that decimated the vines growth. The vineyards were therefore implemented with new more resistant species, among which several varieties for red wines that in the next decades would have positively contributed to the affirmation of the Wine Makers of the Breganze Designation of Origin both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Close to WWII, with the improvement of ampelographic studies and a more scientific analysis, both chemical and physical of the soils, a bigger impulse to a sort of red berried grapes training was set. The area limited to the Breganze Designation of Origin have shown to be ideal for renowned vines like the Pinot Noir or like the Cabernet or Merlot, just to name the best known, some of which claimed an already consolidated tradition in this geographic area.

The organoleptic qualities of the grapes, the agricultural techniques and the wine making processes developed by the producers within the disciplinary of the Breganze Designation of Origin, have given life to red wines rich of structure, intense red ruby color and a great balance between sapidity and aroma, set as counterpoints to a valuable presence of alcohol and of a thick poliphenolic kit. Vines with personality, intense and mellow at the same time, for a sensory experience locking in all the mastering capacity of the wine makers and the generosity of the slopes and the floodplains that nowadays, with their striking set of vineyards in rows, represent one of the pearls of the Italian wine making panorama.

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