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The production of our classic method backs to 2015 with our belief the high versatility of the ‘Vespaiola’ could express itself to the best even after 3 years from a second fermentation. Its marked acidity, synonymous of tenacity and longevity, has pushed our idea of put it rest in piles of bottles, free from noises and with natural controlled temperatures for 36 months, and waiting silently the first ‘dègorgement’ to taste its delicious evolution.

It was Love at first site!

Together with the structure of Monsieur Pinot Noir, a sincere and loyal bottle of Classical Method has been gifted to us, to be appreciated at any time we would like to reward our self with some small emotion. 

Our sparkling wines are made from Vespaiola and Pinot Noir vines. No ‘dosage’ at the ‘degorgement’ but a refilling if necessary with a few drops of Vespaiola.

The harvest of the clusters starts early, middle of August, when the acidity within the grape berries is still elevated and the harvesting is still in full extent. The best clusters are then delicately spread on the transport cases and taken rapidly to the cellar and tilted in, allowing the grapes to fall inside the hopper.

Here is where the second part of the magic of the grapes happens.

And why the less you admire the word,
look at the heat of the sun becoming wine,
come to the liquid that drips from the vine.

Dante Alighieri, La Commedia – Purgatorio (Canto XXV)

Satisfaction and happiness when the pressing machine starts its work, through a delicate and protected way to not shatter and oxidize scents and colors of a must alive and fresh from the harvest. The dripping remaining riots at a temperature of 15°C, practically cold, for preserving the variety aromas sensible to the oxidation. After a fist racking, the aging continues on the noble thin lees, – or better on the yeasts that are slowly worn out – all very important because it allows the long last taste on the tasting buds, while the color is stabilizing and elaborating a persistent foam.

Spring time is waited for. It’s the time of the second fermentation: for this goal the wine is bottled, with the persisting temperature of 15°C degrees, natural in the cellar. 70 days approximately pass for an inside the bottle ‘Party Time’ – second fermentation – then everything slows down.

Piled up in the dark and in the coolness of the underground cellars, the bottles remain to rest for 3 years, during this time the yeasts will start to yield all the aromas, the scents and the tastes stored during the fermentation. It’s during this time the bottles are subject every six months to the ‘remuage’, - that is, a manual rotation of a quarter of a round applied so the exhaust yeasts leftovers will not stain on the inside bottle wall.

Everything is, therefore, ready to be set on the ‘pupitre’, it means one month before the crown cap is to be removed, where the exhaust yeasts, forced through this movement to slip in the bottle neck, in the ‘bidul’: inside the plastic cup set under the crown cap, while the bottle is turned slowly upside down so they can be collected.

At the end, all is explained, of what is going on inside the bottle during these 36 months of waiting time.

The ‘Degourgement’ 

it’s always a peculiar and fascinating moment, a ritual happening with a lot of curiosity and concentration, everything must happen very fast.

The crown cap with ‘bidul’, where all the exhaust yeast are collected, is flipped off, it is refilled in case of loss with a little of Vespaiola – (‘Pas Dosè’ no sugars adding) – and immediately after it is corked, so to not lose any of its precious bubbles born from the second fermentation. Then mushroom ‘to be’ shaped cork and the safety holding customized tip cages are applied.

At last, the best thing is to have a bit more of patience and leave the bottle rest for a few more months so the ‘spumante’ could lay back and relax once again and it can be finally tasted at its best.

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