Climate, acidity, sugars and tannins.

The Breganze hillside is exposed predominantly to South and set at the foothills of the Asiago Plateau, its therefore subject to great temperature variations between day and night. Sweet steep morenic hills interspersed by woods and plains are granting a biodiversity and a one and one only landscape, perfectly integrating with Man. Walking and Bike riding tours are rewarding picture shots of the overall regenerating characteristic paths, especially within the stop overs, under the acacias, during the month of May, releasing overwhelming scents and allowing restore also during the full sunshine summertime days. Sensibility and integrity of our territory is testified also by the numerous producers of honey, the olive oil, being extremely scented and delicate, by the excellence of the ‘Marano’ Corn Flower a De.Co (Municipality Designation) of the Marano Vicentino Municipality, of the Marostica Cherries having, the first in Italy, the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) the European recognition protocol.


Are certainly a vocation for Breganze; the Breganze ‘Groppello, the Gruaja, the Vespaiola have been trained way centuries back and this last one, but not only has been nominated in the ‘Roccolo Ditirambo’ by Aurelio Acanti written in 1754 for the honor of Count Gelio Ghellini in the occasion of the weeding of his daughter Elena with Count Simandio Chiericati. The poem says: ‘Enjoy with the grate Vespaiolo Breganzino (that in the opinion of a noble man is better than any other wine) and in an hand note written on the book page bottom it has written also ‘the Vespaiolo Wine that for somebody is judged to be as one of the best wines and extremely tasting” (the Roccolo Ditirambo” by Aurelio Acanti, 1754, at page 11) over these notes we are definitely reading of this ‘Breganze Liquor’ not yet called at the time ‘Torcolato’.

On a close by, the peculiar to the South exposition of our vineyards, displayed on hills ranging between 150 and 300 meters above the sea level, with a yield per hectare of 60/80 quintals, preferring quality to quantity, said exposition allowing a complete ripening of the grapes wandering around the 13° alcohol degrees. Not only, training with attention the vineyard, we grant to our wines structure color and tannins achieving a longeval product at the same time harmonic and balanced.


Grapes are helped by a volcanic soil, rich in basalt with an high content of limestone to the matrix, alluvial sediments and blue marl, paired with a continental climate and an appropriate training system per each type, allow us the production of refined and longeval wines or sparkling whites that thanks to the elevated acidity
and structure the ‘bubbles’ we will uncork will be a moment of joy for all. 

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